Monday, 23 July 2012

Everyday Inspiration: Tesco Camomile Tea

Ever since I did a packaging project in college, i've noticed packaging on products a lot more than I probably should.

The tea & coffee aisle is one of my favourites for packaging and the other day I had a good look at Tesco's new tea packaging (love love love!)

The packaging was designed by UK based R Design.

I chose camomile for its colours, scalloped ribbon design and of course, the background patterns.

So here's some Scandinavian designs to inspire you :)

Look out for Tesco's other flavours including Peppermint, Lemon-Ginger and Green Tea, all have equally gorgeous packaging and I bet they smell good too!

x x


  1. Thank you for including my fabric in your lovely post xxx

  2. Who would have thought that you can even find inspiration whilst doing your tesco shop! I agree that it's very lovely packaging.

  3. Ohh, such gorgeous colors and patterns! Love all of these! Thank you so much for including my plates among them!

  4. Thanks and you're welcome! I obviously pay too much attention to packaging!

    Leanne x x