Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Welcome Note

Welcome to No.58, a brand new small craft & design blog, hello!

My name is Leanne and I run a greetings card business called Ello Design. I've been self-employed for over a year now and while I love many aspects of craft, my background is in design. I wanted to create a blog that combined both of these things, rather than focus on just one, and so here we are!

There are many things I plan to feature on here. Aside from different types of crafts, i'd also like to look at materials (I have a massive fabric crush, despite not being able to sew!) helpful tips for those starting out and featuring items from a lot of different selling sites, not just one or two.

As I said earlier, my background is in design, so I might throw in the odd packaging or stationery design now and then :)

I already have my own business blog for Ello, so if you'd like news on our products, you can always pop over there.

I look forward to (hopefully) featuring your items very soon :)

x x

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